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My journey to becoming a green economist started some 20 years ago, when I first became seriously involved in environmental campaigning and in the UK Green Party. It grew clear to me, over the years, that we were dealing with the symptoms of an environmental crisis that was actually being caused by our economic system. It seemed to me more efficient to look at how the system itself worked and how we might redesign it to fit comfortably within the planet we share. My name is Molly Scott Cato. You can find out more about me on the About Molly page.

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I studied for a PhD in economics, learning about the rather arcane and highly mathematical methods used by conventional economics. In 2001 I received my doctorate and since then I have been investigating how this economy works and developing ideas for a sustainable and just alternative. On this website I share what I have learned while on this journey. The Links page takes you to some of my work that is published in books or on other websites, including my blog Gaian Economics.

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