Within a capitalist economy, work and money interact to ensure that power and economic value are shared unequally. So understanding the money system is of basic importance to any economist. Yet most economists, like most people, do not understand money.

I wrote a critical account on money as one of the chapters of my book Market, Schmarket. I've made a pdf version of it called A Critical Account of Money (pdf, 299 K). You can also find an article on how currencies enable a subtle form of colonialism in an article called Currency Colonialism (doc, 43 K). In my later book Green Economics I summarised what various green economists have written and thought about money. That chapter is called GE Money (pdf, 160 K).

This should give you an introduction and pointers about where to explore further. The work that I am doing with other green economists to propose a new architecture for the global financial system is on the More Money page.

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